Get the Look of Stone for Less

Discover the possibilities of decorative concrete in the Lillington, Spring Lake and Sanford, NC areas

If you've ever wanted a gorgeous slate, tile or stone patio but couldn't justify the expense, Dynamic Concrete has a solution for you. Decorative concrete can perfectly imitate the look of rock and other materials at a much lower cost.

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3 ways to use a concrete overlay

3 ways to use a concrete overlay

A long-lasting, low-maintenance concrete repair solution can improve your home in a variety of ways. Use a concrete overlay for:

  1. Repairs: Instead of tearing out cracked concrete and re-pouring it, consider using an overlay to cover damage.
  2. Renovations: Upgrade the concrete floor of your patio or sunroom with a faux rock or tile fa├žade.
  3. Restorations: Bring your home or commercial property back to its original state with a concrete overlay.

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